The purpose of this Whistleblower system (WBS) is to ensure that employees know and all other stakeholders who have a relationship with FJORDGAARDEN have the opportunity to raise their concerns and / or all matters relating to serious offenses and / or other serious matters as well as abuse, securely on a confidential basis through a Whistleblower system (WBS) - without fear of discrimination, retaliation and / or disciplinary sanctions.

FJORDGAARDEN has implemented a Whistleblower system where you can draw attention to and report acts and omissions that are illegal, serious offenses and other serious matters concerning and around FJORDGARDEN.

WBS can be accessed via email, a phone call (anonymous or not anonymously) or you can even request a physical meeting regarding. Whistleblowing relationship with the Consultant below.

Whistleblower-Consultant is: 

Peter Strandgaard (herafter The Consutlant), 
Negivin Aps, Lillevang 8, 7190 Billund
E-mail: Negivin@hotmail.com
Telephone: +45 25256113

The consultant is external and receives reports, follows up on reports, and gives feedback to you / the whistleblower, i.e. handles all matters reported on, and will also be responsible for the investigation and reporting to FJORDGAARDEN's Board of Directors.

The consultant is available via e-mail, by telephone - and can attend a physical meeting, if necessary. The consultant has a duty of confidentiality.

Confidentiality about the identity of the whistleblower is ensured. You are anonymous in all reporting to the Board of Directors (unless the whistleblower expressly agrees to disclose his / her identity/information, which may identify him or her).

The whistleblower receives a confirmation 7 days after the report. The reporting is followed up on an ongoing basis by the Consultant. And the whistleblower receives feedback as soon as possible, and usually no later than 3 months after confirmation of receipt of the report, however, in duly justified cases, it can take up to 6 months.

The whistleblower will also be notified of the final, reasoned outcome of the notification (within the above deadlines). The consultant may reject reports that are not covered by the WBS scheme or that are, for example, trivial.

If you are an employee of FJORDGAARDEN, you are encouraged to consider raising the matter via the chairman of the board, the director and/or the other management. If this is not an option, please feel free to report via WBS.


What can be reported:

Employees and stakeholders around FJORDGAARDEN can use WBS to raise and / or report offenses or matters concerning FJORDGAARDEN that are related to actions and omissions, such as:

• Illegal

• Serious offenses, and / or other serious acts / omissions

• Accounting manipulation

• Misuse of assets

• Fraud, bribery or corruption

• In violation of competition law compliance policies and laws (eg Pricing), market manipulation or abuse of a dominant position.

• All forms of financial misconduct or serious irregularities of a general and / or operational nature, eg violation of laws and regulations, including pollution and / or environmental laws, etc.

• Failure to comply with FJORDGAARDEN's ethical, written-down duties.

• Violence, abuse and discrimination by or against employees


What cannot be reported

Issues of a less serious nature may not be handled as described in WBS, but may be rejected.

Such questions include e.g. bullying, co-operation problems, incompetence, absenteeism, violations of policies such as drugs or alcohol (apart from serious violations of security-related policies), e-mail and Internet policies, etc.

 When a report is within the scope of the whistleblower, you are protected from any form of retaliation, discriminatory or disciplinary action as a result, including termination of employment, demotion, suspension, threats, or any other form of harassment. However, such protection does not apply if the system is misused e.g., if you willfully or in bad faith and against your better judgment make a false claim.


The report and the collected information will be deleted:

1. If the report is; (i) outside the scope of the rules, (ii) is manifestly unfounded, or (iii) if no action is taken in relation to the report because it is, for example, trivial.

2. Immediately after the conclusion of the case, or if a notification has been submitted to the authorities.

3. If no further action is taken.

4. No later than 5 years after the time of the departure of the employees, if disciplinary sanctions are imposed on the reported employee.


The data responsible for data processing during this reporting is (Hotel Fjordgaarden A / S, Vester Kær 28, 6950 Ringkøbing). Where FJORDGAARDEN is stated above, this includes both Hotel Fjordgården A / S, CVR 30819926 and KF 2020 A / S (Kurbad Fjordgaarden), CVR 41022264.